Interior Design meets Organization for Busy Jet-Setting Executive

Interior Design meets Organization for Busy Jet-Setting Executive

The Client: A Tapestry of Tastes

Picture this: a suburban lakeside community, where time slows down, and the water beckons you to come outside. Our client resides here, a multifaceted dynamo. Her home office—more like a command center—houses stacks of books, files, dual monitors, and mementos from her global escapades. When she’s not crunching numbers, she’s gliding across the lake, wind in her hair, ski boat slicing through ripples. She’s equally at home in stilettos as she is in hiking boots—a wardrobe as diverse as her adventures. 

And then there are the shoes. Oh, the shoes! Designer heels, beach-ready flip-flops, and boots for every season—they’re her treasures. We secretly think they were her reason for reaching out to usDuring the first meeting, she exclaimed, “I want a shoe wall!” We eagerly agreed, “Yes, yes you can have that!” 


With the marriage of interior design and professional organization, why couldn’t she have that?! 


As connoisseurs of creating spaces that blend aesthetics with utility, our latest project was a testament to our expertise. Tasked with transforming a primary custom closet, a guest room closet, and a home office, we faced three distinct spaces, each with its own set of intricate challenges. Join us as we deconstruct each endeavor, delving into the process that guided us in fulfilling our client’s vision and meticulously ticking every box on her wish list. 



While we recognize that decluttering and organizing can be a deeply personal process, opting to collaborate with us significantly lightens your load. We carve out dedicated time to meticulously curate the client’s closet together, guiding you through those tough decisions. Does it fit? Is it enhancing your life? Does it spark joy? Once our decluttering session concludes, we efficiently remove all donations. In one seamless sweep, your home sheds unwanted clutter, leaving you with a renewed sense of freshness. 

Our Streamlined Edit Process: 

Sort:  Keep, donate, or discard.  

At this juncture, we determine whether an item justifies its place in your sanctuary. There are moments when it’s best to part ways, passing on belongings to those who need them more, or simply saying goodbye to the irreparable. And then there are those cherished treasures that unequivocally merit their stay. 

Categorize & Colorize:  

Once we’ve discerned the keepsakes, we harmonize like-items. This often serves as an inadvertent second edit, as clients may discover redundancies they hadn’t noticed before—like the surprising collection of ten identical white t-shirts now clearly visible when grouped together.


Challenge #1: Wire System Woes 

The primary closet, packed to overflow and pulling off the walls, needed a makeover Dark corners where hanging overlapped hanging harbored dust bunnies—the elusive kind that appear only at night. Our mission? To reimagine the space design. 


Solution: We shifted the balance. Utilizing a California Style Closet System…most hanging space migrated to the right, leaving the left for shoes, bags, and scarves. The result? A harmonious dance between fashion and function. Light flooded in from every top shelf, revealing the true colors of her collection. 


Challenge #2 The Door Dilemma

The closet door swung inward, taking up precious real estate—approximately three feet of it. Not ideal for a space-starved shoe enthusiast. We needed a solution that swung both ways—practical and beautiful. 

Solution: Out with the old, in with the fabulous! We bid adieu to the standard door and welcomed a decorative sliding door. Practicality met aesthetics, and the closet breathed a sigh of relief. Now here was more room for shallow shelves and some hooks 


Challenge #3: Shoe-pocalypse Averted

High heels, sandals, kitten heels, boots the shoe spectrum spanned continents. But dust threatened their serenity. Our task? To create a haven where shoes rested, waiting for their moment in the spotlight. 

Solution: Behind closed doors (literally), each pair found its nicheThese doors, however, were designed with glass insets so our client can see her shoe wall while protecting her collection from dust. Next, we wrapped custom lighting all along the top shelf to further highlight the shoe display. 

Next Up… 


Challenge #1Large Item Storage in a Small Walk-In Closet 

A small, walk-in closet needed to accommodate overflow from the master closet and oversized items such as suitcases, ski clothing, and helmets. Additionally, the client’s mother visited often, needing accessible linens due to her small frame. 

Solution: Deep Shelving: We installed 18-inch-deep shelves, some behind doors and others open. Behind the doors, oversized linens found their place on the lower level. Open shelves receive labeled designer bins. Everything in its place. 


Challenge #2: Elevating Storage Efficiency: Master Closet Overflow Solution 

Overflow from the Master Closet needed to find a home elsewhere. Often during the decluttering process, we encounter items that require relocation to optimize space functionality. 


Solution: Our solution involved implementing long hanging rods, ideal for accommodating formal or seasonal wear. Additionally, the shelves above the hanging space were thoughtfully designed to house labeled bins, leaving ample room for our client to indulge in future shopping sprees. 


Challenge: Multi-Functional Design 

Our client spends many hours in her cathedral ceiling home office that also doubles as a second guest roomThe design needed to accommodate space to easily add a temporary queen size guest bed. Her requests were a hidden printer, room for the books and binders, a mail organization solution, and a way to display her mementos. She also loves plants in all her rooms, this one being especially sunny, was a priority. 

Solution: Large custom built in cabinet with a dark navy finish and brass pulls.

It holds two base cabinets, one that houses slide out shelves for the printer and paper products and the other for file storage, a large stone countertop area to use for projects and display, glass inset top cabinets and open bookshelvesAn accent wall was also created out of printed wallcovering.

Lastly, the UPLIFT desk moves up and down for standing or sitting at the deskIt also has two huge arms that elevate double monitors to work with every day. The existing wood blinds remained and are helpful for filtering light while still being able to see her lake view outside. Plants were mindfully placed around the space to add life and vitality (did you know they also help clean the air?). Mementos and awards were grouped in configurations that create balance and tell a story. 

In summary, practicality guided our design decisions. The home office now seamlessly transitions into a secondary guest retreat with all items needed for the hustle and bustle of a workday stored away. The main guest room now accommodates both oversized items and the comfort of linens, ready for guests to help themselves to whatever they need during their stay. And the master closet went from dust bunnies to a shoe wall and boujee custom system. Functionality and organization harmonize—a quiet symphony for weary travelers. 

-Shawn & Kayla

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