Meet the Mascots of D.O.G. Co.

Meet the Mascots of D.O.G. Co.

Shawon Davis Photography
Shawon Davis Photography

Design Organize Gather Co. was born during a long brainstorming session via Zoom after one too many cups of coffee. When beginning a new business venture together, Shawn and I wanted to create a brand that reflected both our personalities. With Shawn’s background in design and mine in organizing, we knew those two components would undoubtedly be a part of our business model, but we also knew there was something bigger.  

As we solidified our mission and philosophy statements, the idea of gathering continued to surface. We are both extremely connected to our loved ones, wholeheartedly enjoy the time we get to spend with them, and want to share those joys with everyone we meet. As humans, we need community and a sense of togetherness to survive, grow, and thrive.  

As we talked more about the idea of gathering, we quickly realized that the concept can be applied widely across our services. We also wanted those joys to be prevalent through the work that we do, especially between the walls of a home. Inside a person’s home can be a sacred space, one that can promote relaxation and creativity. But if a home is too cluttered or poorly designed, it can evoke feelings of stress and anxiety. We’ve made it our mission to create possibilities of togetherness within a home that feels beautiful, clean, and organized… but still lived in. D.O.G. Co. is a vehicle for that mission. 

During our brainstorming session, after we’d gone through a handful of iterations for business names, we landed on the simplest answer: Design Organize Gather. Straight to the point. But should we come up with something more creative? As we pondered for a second, Shawn started laughing “Did you notice what it spells?”. Cue the lightbulbs. D.O.G. At that moment, there was a collective feeling that it was meant to be. Design Organize Gather has three divisions and Shawn and I have 3 dogs between the two of us, one for each division. Shawn has Summer and Autumn and I have Glady.

So, of course, we have enlisted the help of our furry friends to become our mascots and I think it’s time they deserve a proper introduction.  

Summer: New Construction & Renovations  

Shawon Davis Photography

Summer is a Bichon mix who’s very obedient and will wait for instruction: a real rule follower and a true oldest child! Her favorite spot is on top of the sofa because she loves to look out the window at the lake. Her favorite toy is a lamb-chop stuffed sheep… with a squeaker, of course.

Her favorite treats are any veggies that her mom is cutting up in the kitchen. She particularly likes carrots and cucumber. One of the things we love so dearly about Summer is that she’ll greet everyone at the door with a toy in her mouth and a muffled bark. Her icebreaker fun fact is that she loves to travel. A very versatile girl!  

Glady: Organize

Jen Tee Photography

Glady is an independent pit bull rescued from Texas. She is extremely sweet and wants to make her people happy, but she’s also curious and adventurous. On a trail walk, she’ll go off on her own but will run back as soon as her humans get too far away. We always joke that if we walk two miles, Glady walks four because she’s always running back and forth.

Glady enjoys snuggles with her bunny when she sleeps, it’s the only toy she doesn’t chew on or play with. Her favorite treats are Mint-a-breath bones from Trader Joe’s, she gets one every night before bed and she doesn’t let you forget it! Her favorite piece of clothing in her closet is her pink fleece because it brings out her snout. All her toys are stored in a basket in the corner of the living room next to her bed because as the representative of the organizing division, she stays organized!

Autumn: Gather – Blog & Shop  

Autumn is a proverbial second child, always pushing boundaries. She will cut in line for scratches, but does not enjoy attention from the camera! She does like her alone time, however. She spends part of the night in the master closet under the clothing, but by early morning, she will hop up on the bed and push her way under the covers until it’s time to start the day.

Her favorite toy is a flexible frisbee that she fetches by jumping off the dock and into the water. She loves being on the lake but is always concerned when someone jumps off the boat. 

All three of our furry friends will be popping by from time to time to say hello or lend a helping hand. We are so excited to incorporate them into our business because… why not?? Life can always use a little more fun and a little more cuteness.


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