Lake Archer Laundry: Wrentham, MA

Lake Archer Laundry
Wrentham, MA

Laundry room? Or peaceful oasis? Nestled on Lake Archer in Wrentham, MA, the home that once was a tiny lakefront cottage now towers over the water with three levels and a detached garage/man-town suite. Redone and ready for a growing family. The client was diligent about decorating every room in the home (with quite impeccable taste, might we add) however, the laundry room remained stagnant. When we were called in, the client requested a space that would make her want to do laundry. Complete with custom cabinetry, granite countertops. mounted pipe fixtures, and professional organization, we sure achieved that goal. 

“I actually love doing laundry now. And my kids know exactly where to find things and put things back. It’s actually amazing” -RM (Client)