Stately Suburb: Dover, MA

Stately suburb: Dover, MA

Interior Design & Professional Organization

In a quiet neighborhood in Dover, MA this home gives you a visceral feeling as soon as you walk in. With over 10,000 sqft of space, each corner was an outdated canvas. Being a busy mom to four kids and a high level executive that frequently travels, the client needed our help to update crucial rooms in the home. We worked our way through the home office, dining room, and living room. The home office received completely custom built-in cabinetry, a rolling ladder, furnishings, and a layout reconfiguration. The dining room received custom furnishings (including a table that seats fourteen) new light fixtures, and custom draperies. Lastly, the living room received a new layout, furnishings, and draperies. 

“Everybody is always hanging out in the living room now, it’s like we gravitate towards it!” NM (Client)