Setting (and CRUSHING) your organizational goals


Setting (and CRUSHING) your organizational goals

Hey Friends!  

Getting your space organized can be overwhelming, so let’s set some goals together so we can be in the right head space to get started and CRUSH those goals. Because you’re a rockstar and I know you’ll crush it.  

For each of these steps, I encourage you to journal, meditate, think on it, talk to your therapist, talk to a voice memo on your phone, facetime a friend, etc. to really get a sense of how you’re feeling and how you can design your space to promote a more peaceful environment for you to THRIVE in.  

Step 1: Think about your daily routine. What does it look like? Write it down, talk about it, think about it.  

Step 2: Take it a step further. What would you like to eliminate from that routine and what would you like to add to it? What annoys you? What would make you happy? Keep what you love and delete what you don’t.  

Step 3: What’s something that makes you uncomfortable BUT (and here’s the kicker) you know you need to do it. An example of this could be morning meditation or breath work for 5-10 minutes. Whatever that looks like for you, make a promise to yourself to add it in because you know in your very core that you should.  

Step 4: What does organizing mean to you? Does it mean less stress? An easier dinner time/bedtime routine? A healthier lifestyle? Why is it important to you? Nail down your WHY. Then, take it one step further and visualize what your life will look like once you transform your space(s) into an organized dream.  

Step 5: Set the goals. Once you know why you want to be organized and what that’s going to look like, set a timeline. Are you going to hire someone (if you do, I hope it’s me, but if you don’t, we can still be friends I promise) and do you have a budget for that? OR are you going to do it yourself? How long are you going to give yourself to get it done?  

Step 6: Now that you have your big picture game plan, what are things you can do, right now, to get you one step closer to your goals? We need to take action today to jumpstart some of that feel-good-I-accomplished-something-motivation. Examples can look like: writing down a routine for yourself and sticking to it, implementing a chore chart for you and the whole family to be held accountable to, or blocking off time on the calendar to work on that one project that’s been hanging over your head. Whatever it is, start now.  

You got this my friend! I’ll be here every step of the way.  



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